Scrapbooking ~ Resources



  1. No matter how tempting, do not buy paper unless you have a project in mind and are ready to start on it.  Stick to primary and basic colors, you can always use them.

  2. Done is a Good Thing!  Your page/scrap book does not have to be perfect, you want it done!

  3. Keep it simple, especially in the beginning.

  4. Do not cut Polariod photographs.  The chemicals will leak out and spoil everything.

  5. Do not try to create a scrapbook spread artistically and try to journal at the same time.  The artistic side of the brain and the logical side of the brain will clash and “stop you in your tracks.”

  6. Try to test a product (i.e., tool, cutter or punch) before you buy it.  It may look like the nicest thing ever, but it may not really work for you.

  7. You do NOT have to scrap book every photo.  Try to be selective, you don’t want to have 36 albums completed of your son/daughter by the time they are two years old.

  8. Sort your photos in some logical manner – something that makes sense to you, whether that is chronologically, by person, by event.  You may want more than one photo for several different albums

    a. Sort in box

    b. Sort in plastic pocket pages

    c.Sort in the actual album

  9. Label your photos!

  10. Think about your scrapbook layout when you are taking your photos.  Or have a layout in mind, then take photos to fill in the layout.




Essential Tools

  • Good sharp scissors (most of us like the Fiskars spring-loaded, they are very sharp and precise).

  • Straight edge 12” trimmer with supportive base that will not bend (most of us like the 12 inch/30 cm Fiskars Rotary cutter).

  • Adhesives are important.  You need to use something to adhere paper to paper, photos to paper and embellishments to paper.  It is also nice if the adhesive is forgiving enough to let you lift your item up off the paper to let you “reposition” the item when needed.  (Most of us like the E-Z Runner by Scrapbook Adhesives for adhering paper to paper and also photos to paper; and Glue dots are great for adhering embellishments to paper.  Worth mentioning is the Scotch Advanced Tape Glider.