With all the products—papers, adhesives, cutting tools, albums, embellishments—and resources on the market, it’s easy to feel intimidated when you start scrapbooking.  We’re here to demystify the art of scrapbooking.  Whether this is your first time scrapping or you’re a veteran who could use a refresher, here’s information you need.  Click the underlined links to download.


Helpful Instructions Sheet answers these  basic questions:

How do I organize my stack of photos?                 What are albums?

What should I scrap?                                           What supplies do I need?

Words: What do they mean?                                What are the standard page sizes?

What should I buy at the scrapbook store?            What do I put on my scrapbook page?

What is a focal point?                                          How do I create balance on my layouts?

How can I use type, fonts and lettering?               Advice for designing my own pages?


Stamping Techniques - tips for effective stamping


Overwhelmed to Organized - hints for organizing your scrapping supplies and work space



Scrapbooking ~ Instructions