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SCA Arts & Crafts Club

Rules & Procedures

Revised 11/18/2015 


 1. The Arts & Crafts Room is for the exclusive use of Arts & Crafts Club members. 


Resident and non-resident guests are permitted per the By Laws to attend and/or participate in group activities, up to five (5) times per year without paying Club membership dues. Non-resident guests may only attend any activity in the company of a paid Club member. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 are not permitted to participate in group activities, and shall only visit briefly within the Club room. 


2. Members are responsible to clean up their workspace at the end of use. Group Leaders should review the space at the end of Group meetings. 


3. Last person leaving the Arts & Crafts room shall turn off all lights, lock the door (so red is showing on switch), and confirm both doors are locked after exiting. 


4. Each Interest Group establishes a Budget for the year within the Club Budget. Group Leaders may submit reimbursement for budgeted expenses with the Club Treasurer using approved forms and receipts. Prior authorization from the Board is needed for any expenses beyond established budget. Reimbursable expenses are for generally shared supplies that are non-specific to an individual member’s project construction. 


5. Copier paper is issued to Groups during each budget period as part of Club Expenses. Additional paper may be provided as part of a Group budget. Copier is to be used for group activities ONLY, not for personal use. 


6. Members of Groups may enjoy the room as a group during assigned times, and have priority use of the room at that time. Groups are generally assigned a “quadrant” by Interest Group Leaders Committee. Group Leaders have room key cards. Club member access to the Arts & Crafts Room outside of Group workshops may be arranged with the Independence Center front desk monitor during normal operating hours. Be considerate of Groups during the scheduled workshops, as there may be limited workspace, noise, dust or fumes. 


7. Interest Groups may include mandatory training on specific equipment, supplies or items before enjoying unlimited workshop activities. 


8. Interest Groups may require that supplies and/or tools be purchased by the individual for participation in the Group’s activities. 


9. Use of any aerosol spray, be it an adhesive, paint, or a finish, is not allowed inside the Arts & Crafts room. Instead, spray outside, there is a door in Quad C with access to an area suitable for such a task (be sure to prop open as it will lock itself). 


10. Supply cabinets that are maintained by a particular Group contain items available exclusively to that group. Ask permission of that Group Leader before accessing that cabinet.


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