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Fused Glass ~ Ordering 

The Fused Glass group submits orders to Bullseye Glass 3 times a year, usually in January, April (after the Glass & Bead Expo) and September.  We typically get at least 50% off retail prices with our group orders.  We have automated the process (as much as possible) to save time and increase accuracy.



                                     SUBMIT ORDER FORMS             EXPECTED DELIVERY

Winter 2022           1 - 15 January                                  3 February (Thursday)

Spring 2022            23  April - May 7                              26 May (Thursday)

Fall 2022                  3 -   17 September                          6  October 


Send Order Forms to the Fused Glass Email:

Make Checks Payable to: the individual listed on the lower left side of the current order form.  

Questions: Connie Abuan,  702-378-9933

Karen Meredith mereditk3@cox,net,  702 324-7443

Robert DeMartino, 702 219-2952.

  1. First, click to HERE download the current Order Form spreadsheet

  • DO NOT use an old copy of the Order Form spreadsheet. Old versions do not show current pricing.

  • Save a copy of the spreadsheet to your computer and enable macros when prompted.

  • You need a computer running Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer to use the Order Form spreadsheet.

  • If you need help or have questions,

      2.  Second, complete the Order Form spreadsheet.

 IMPORTANT:  Input the FULL Item Number as it appears online. Correct item format is:  

000100-0030-F-1010   CORRECT   (see below)     


(Example Above:  000100 = Color, 0030=Dbl Rolled, F=Fusible, 1010=Size)

NOTE: 000100-0030 WRONG

If you input the item number as " 000100-0030" (as shown in the paper catalog), the form will not auto-populate description or pricing info.

  • Enter the Quantity you want for each item in the Order Form.

  • The Order Form will automatically fill in the current prices and calculate your total.   

    • NOTE: if the field does not auto-populate, continue and email your order form to the current ordering contact. Your order will be fixed and emailed back to you with the correct lookup information and amount owed.

  • Save the file and keep a copy for your records.

       3.  Email the completed Order Form to by the due date shown in the Order Schedule above.

       4.  A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required with your order.  Make your check payable to the individual listed on the lower left side of the current order form, and give it to a Kiln or Room Monitor, or put in an envelope and slide it under the Kiln Room door.

       5.  Shipping costs will be calculated based on actual weight and will be included in your balance when you pick up your order.


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