Bead Weaving ~ Resources

Beads, tools and other supplies are available at most craft shops, local bead stores and from many Internet stores. Internet stores may appear cheaper, but keep shipping costs in mind.  Beware of inexpensive beads sold at chain stores that may be poor quality.  Irregular beads are not good for beadweaving, but may be fine for stringing projects. 

Local Stores

Bead Haven

10% discount with SCA ID

7575 W. Washington Ave, Ste 131

Las Vegas, NV 89128

(702) 233-2450

Bead Jungle

10% Senior Discount before noon

1590 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Ste 160

Henderson, NV 89012

(702) 432-2323

Nevada Gemstones (no seed beads)

3280 E Tropicana Ave

Las Vegas, NV 89121

(702) 248-3056

Bass Pro Shop (by Silverton Casino)

(Fireline, thread burners/cutters, storage boxes)

8200 Dean Martin Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 730-5200

Note: Discount Beads, Sweet Beads and Williams Costume Shop are now closed. 

Internet Resources

These websites include free tutorials, patterns and other information.  Some also sell beads and supplies.    

FusionBeads (Amazon)         


Informal instruction is available for new beaders free of charge at our group meetings. Classes are also offered at local bead stores including Bead Haven and Bead Jungle. Some classes are free, but the store may expect you to purchase your supplies there. See their websites for schedules and details.


Bead & Button (discontinued in 2020)

Beadwork (discontinued in 2021)

Art Jewelry

Bead Charts and Calculators

Delica Color Chart

Swarovski to Czech Crystal Color Conversion Chart

Delica to Miyuki Seed Bead Color Conversion

Bead Count Per Gram Package Chart

Wire Gage-Inches-Millimeter Conversion Chart

Delicas (size 11/0) have about 230 beads per gram.  To convert Delica Bead Count to Grams, divide the bead count by 230.