Magazine Issues

Sadly, there are no longer any beading magazines being published in the US.  But we have lots of old issues in our "library" that are a great source of inspiration and timeless patterns.

Bead & Button Magazine

       Binder 1 

2002 - Dec

2003 - Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec, Beaddreams

       Binder 2 

2004 - Aug, Dec, Chic+Easy, Beaddreams

2005 -Dec 05


2003 - Feb, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec

2004 - Jun

2016 - Apr, Jun, Aug


Beadwork Magazine (no longer in publication)


2009-2015 Digital Issues - see Group Leader for access

BeadStyle Magazine

2004 - May, Sep

2005 - Sep

2015 - Nov

Creative Jewelry - 2003

Lapidary Journal - Mar 2003


All Wrapped Up, Mark Lareau

Basics of Bead Stringing, Debbie Kanan

Bead Metamorphosis, Lisa Kan

Bead Play Every Day, Beth Stone

Beaded Fantasies, Sabine Lippert

Beaded Opulence, Marcia DeCoster

Beading 101, Hot Off The Press

Beadweaving Beyond the Basics, Kassie Shaw

Beautiful Beaded Ropes, Jill Wiseman

Beautiful Beadweaving, Isabella Lam

Casual Bead Elegance, Eve Leder

Contemporary Cube Bead Designs, V. Jensen

Creative Beading Vol. 9  (BnB 10/12-08/13)
Creative Beading Volume 10 (BnB 10/13-08/14)

Creative Beading Volume 11  (BnB 10/14-08/15)

Dimensional Bead Embroidery, Jamie Cloud Eakin

Glamorous Beaded Jewelry, M.T. Ryan

Great Designs for Shaped Beads: Tilas, Peanuts and

     Daggers, A Draeger

Jewelry Projects with Right Angle Weave

Little Bead Boxes, Julia S. Pretl

Mastering Beadwork, Carol Cypher

Peyote Stitch Companion, Melinda Barta

Quick & Easy Jewelry, Cathy Jakicic

26 Quick Stitched Elements, Thomasin Alyxander

Sensational Bead Embroidery, Sherry Serafini

Stitch Workshop: Peyote Stitch

Timeless Beadwork Designs, Cynthia Rutledge


Bead Weaving ~ Library

The following books and magazines are stored in the Arts & Crafts room and are available for use by our group members.  You can sign out a copy for a few days - just ask the Group Leader.